Yonatan Aklilu speech at the National Theater NOV 4, 2019


Flexibility is the ability to move joints freely through their full range of motion. Flexibility can decrease over time due to tightening of muscles and/or tendons. The key to maintaining flexibility is a program of regular stretching exercises. Individual needs for flexibility are variable. Some athletes, such as gymnasts, require great flexibility in order to perform complex movements in competition. In general, the non-athlete requires less flexibility than the athlete. Some flexibility, however, is required for everyone in order to perform common activities of daily living or recreational pursuits. In some families the trait for loose joints is passed from generation to generation. This hyper mobility is sometimes referred to as joint looseness. Studies show that people with this trait may be more prone to dislocate patella. There is not much research evidence but some experts believe that those with hyper mobility or laxity may also be more susceptible to athletic or dance injuries. Especially to the knee and ankle and may be more apt to develop premature osteoarthritis.

Protestant Mezmur
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