Seifu on EBS host Seifu interview with Singer Hana Girma


As discussed in unit 4, muscular strength is defined as the maximum amount of force you can produce during one contraction. Muscular strength not only is important for success in athletics, but also is useful for the average person in performing routine tasks at work or home. Strength can be measured by the one-repetition maximum (1 RM) test, which measures the maximum amount of weight that can be lifted one time.An alternative test to determine your cardio respiratory fitness level is the step test. The step test works on the principle that individuals with a high level of cardio respiratory fitness will have a lower heart rate during recovery from 3 minutes of standardized exercise (bench stepping) than less conditioned individuals. Although the step test is not considered the best field method to estimate Cardio respiratory fitness, it does have advantages in that it can be performed indoors and can be used by people at all fitness levels. Further, the step test does not require expensive equipment and can be performed in a short amount of time. Step height for both men and women should be approximately 18 inches. In general, locker room benches or sturdy chairs can be used as stepping devices. The test is conducted as follows: 1. Select a partner to assist you in the step test. Your partner is responsible for timing the test and assisting you in maintaining the proper stepping cadence (rhythm pace). The exercise cadence is 30 complete steps (up and down) per minute during a 3-minute exercise period, which can be maintained by a metronome or voice cues from your friend ("up, up, down,

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