MICHAEL Ethiopian Orthodox Kidus Michael Mezmur Collection 2019


Low back pain afflicts millions of people each year. More than 80% of all low back problems are produced by muscular weakness or imbalance caused by a lack of physical activity (see table 1.3). If the muscles are not strong enough to support the vertebral column in proper alignment, poor posture results and low back pain develops. Excessive weight, poor flexibility, and improper lifting habits also contribute to low back problems. While some risks of associated with low back pain are not modifiable, such as gender and age, lifestyle behavior such as smoking, physical inactivity, flexibility, and muscular strength and endurance can all be improved. Because the origin of low back problems is often functional rather than structural, in many cases, the problem can be corrected through an exercise program that develops strength and flexibility in the appropriate muscle groups. Also, people who remain physically active throughout life 

Orthodox Mezmur
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