New Ethiopian Amharic full length Movie 2019 - Yachi Neger


For those with access to a cycle ergo meter (a stationary exercise bicycle that provides pedaling resistance via friction applied to the wheel), a cycle ergo meter fitness test is an excellent means of evaluating Cardio respiratory fitness. It offers advantages over running or walking tests for individuals with joint problems due to the non-weight-bearing nature of cycling. Further, because this type of test can be performed indoors, it has advantages over outdoor fitness tests during very cold or hot weather.Another field test to determine Cardio respiratory fitness is the 1-mile walk test, which is particularly useful for sedentary individuals. It is a weight-bearing test, however, so individuals with joint problems should not participate. The 1-mile walk test works on the same principle as the 1.5-mile run test. That is, individuals with high levels of Cardio respiratory fitness will complete a 1-mile walk in a shorter time than those who are less conditioned. This test is also best conducted in moderate weather conditions, preferably on a track. Subjects should try to maintain a steady pace over the distance. Again, because test scores are based on time, accurate timing is essential.

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