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 Reversibility: the principle that adaptations to stress can be lost over time if training is modified or stopped.  Principle of rest and recovery: the concept that adaptation not only requires overload but also requires rest to avoid overstressing the body.  Periodization: a method of organizing workouts into blocks or periods. These cycles consist of work/stress periods and rest periods.  Overtraining syndrome: a condition of chronic stress from physical activity affecting the physical and psychological states of an individual or athlete.  Detraining: the act of no longer training at all or decreasing the amount of training. SELF-TEST EXERCISE 1. The term exercise refers to physical activity that is: a. Discontinuous and unplanned but designed to improve fitness b. Planned, structured, and repetitive designed to improve fitness c. Not a contributor to physical fitness d. Random and unstructured 2. Which of the following is NOT considered a skill-related fitness component? a. Coordination b. Flexibility c. Balance d. Agility 3. During the initial phase of an exercise program, a beginner should: a. Begin slowly, exercising at a low intensity and gradually increasing volume b. Keep intensity high, exercise at the high end of the target heart rate range c. Perform short but intense bouts of activity d. Exercise 5-7 days per week 4. The body‘s ability to adapt to gradual increases in the amount of exercise is the principle of: a. Overload b. Specificity c. Reversibility d. Assessment
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