Pastor Endale Woldegiorgis // Lijoche Simugn // New Amazing Gospel Song 2019(Official Video)


BMI is used to identify and classify individuals as overweight or obese. Cutoff values for obesity, however, may vary depending on ethnicity.  Metabolic syndrome is a term used to describe individuals who have three or more cardiovascular disease risk factors.  Osteoporosis and low back syndrome are musculoskeletal disorders afflicting millions of people each year.  To benefit health and prevent disease, every adult should accumulate a minimum of 150 min/wk of moderate-intensity physical activity or 75 min/wk of vigorous-intensity physical activity. For additional health benefits, increase physical activity to 300 min/wk and 150 min/wk, respectively, for moderate- and vigorous-intensity exercise. SELF-TEST EXERCISE 1. What diseases are associated with a sedentary lifestyle, and what are the major risk factors for these diseases? 2. What are the benefits of regular physical activity in terms of disease prevention and healthy aging? 3. How does physical activity improve health? 4. How much physical activity is needed for improved health benefits? 5. What kinds of physical activities are suitable for typical people, and how often should they exercise?

Protestant Mezmur
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