Seifu on EBS Host Sefiu interview with Actor Isham Habesha - Part 2


again. Although an individual might have sufficient strength to lift a heavy box from the ground to the back of a truck, he or she might not have sufficient muscular endurance to perform this task multiple times. Because many everyday tasks require sub maximal but repeated muscular contractions. Muscular endurance is an important facet of health-related physical Fitness. Although numerous methods exist to evaluate muscular strength, two simple tests to assess muscular endurance involve the performance of push-ups and sit-ups (also called curl-ups). Push-ups are a measure of muscular endurance using shoulder, arm, and chest muscles, whereas sit-ups primarily evaluate abdominal muscle enduranceAlthough the 1 RM test for muscular strength is widely accepted, it has been criticized as unsuitable for use with older individuals or highly deconditioned people. The major concern is the risk of injury. The 1 RM test should therefore be attempted only after several weeks of strength training, which will result in improvements in both skill and strength and reduce the risk of injury during the test. An older or sedentary individual would probably require 6 weeks of exercise training prior to the 1 RM test whereas a physically active college-age student could probably perform the 1 RM test after 1 to 2 weeks of training. The 1 RM test is designed to test muscular strength in selected muscle groups and is performed in the following manner.  Begin with a 5- to 10-minute warm-up using the muscles to be tested.  For each muscle group, select an initial weight that you can lift without undue stress.  Gradually add weight until you reach the maximum weight that you can lift one time.  If you can lift the weight more than once, add additional weight until you reach a level of resistance such that you can perform only one repetition. Remember that a true 1 RM is the maximum amount of weight that you can lift one time.  Four common lifts used to measure strength are three of these: (bench press, biceps curl, and shoulder press) for upper body muscle groups. The fourth lift (leg press) measures leg strength.

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